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You raise a valid point about the boxes and the Las Vegas store, I did hear something about why at some point but cannot remember now.

As far as the sales associates go- the best way to educate them is talk to them and tell them. When I worked for the company and the solids came in the white boxes were stripped off and into the trash as we had no idea to the value of the collector. The reason is that a lot of EL products come in with a white outer box, when a shippment of merchandise came in, various things came in outer white boxes mainly to protect what was inside. The reason for throwing them out was that the bar code for the register is on the gold box not the white box and it was just easier to grab the gold box and scan it rather than open the white box, take out the gold box, scan the box and then put it back in the white box. I know it seems strange but during holiday or gift time anything was done to make things faster.

For those of you that don't get call when the solids come in perhaps order from the list of SA under the yellow store locations tab. They are all really fantastic and understand and do take great care of us collectors.