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Lori B
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I am not sure if anyone else runs into this, but I would like it if EL informed all of the sales reps of what is going on with the solids. The ones I deal with often cannot answer questions any better than I could (which my knowledge of new releases each year is minimal – thanks to this site I can actually find out what is really going on!).

An example (using a powder compact example) is the Morrocan Mosaic powder compact, which I had been informed through an ebay seller was determined not to be sold in the US. I called an EL sales rep to confirm this, which for months after I had called she insisted they were still going to be sold in the US at her store. Of course, it never was sold in the US.

It seems that EL tries to keep things secretive, not even informing sales reps. It would be nice if they had open communications with their reps – or perhaps the person I call is out of the loop on their own account and this is not a widespread thing?

Thanks Ann for compiling these comments!