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Hi Nancy- Yes- my yard is on display as a fundraiser for money for a local youth group- I am on the Board of Directors for this group- And by the way- I do work at a full time job- This is my weekend job to work in my yard- I did the 'so many plants that there would be no room for weeds' thing but- the weeds just grew taller-My theory with the old garden was to plant it and let it grow- since it is HOT here in the summer- this new look will be less watering and I can get away to the other house at the ocean on weekend now and then. That house just has sand for a yard- so I don't need to fuss with that one at all.
What part of Scotland are you in? I was there many years ago following a family tree line through New Milne [east coast near the Black Sea area]- I went to Inverness and back down to London- Very unusual weather patterns there!
Yes- I do have before and after pictures – the after won't be ready til the sun comes back out and the gazebo is in place-
Thanx for you lovely letter!!