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Hi K.K.
On an uplifting note

Thanx for your positive remarks also- I swore not to write on these message boards anymore- but the positive support for my evil doings was refereshing.
Yes- I am a master gardener- My front yard WAS an old English garden with peppled path thro ferns,herbs and MANY flowers[no azaleas and grass seed as quoted by others?]-Plus- I don't have a landscaper- just ME- I HAD over 69 different types of trees- plants, grasses, ferns, ivys and flowers- I dug everything out and laid 3 1/2 tons of flagstone for an old english courtyard- with wrought iron gazebo in the middle- There will be dwarf thyme and mosses between the stones and a bench- We live in a drought area- so this new yard will be less expensive in the long run to water and maintain- THERFORE- I should be able to buy more perfumes!!!!!! So- I have all this paid for and needed extra cash to buy the flagstones- It is a beautiful project and I am on my 4th year of an annual garden tour for late summer as a fund raiser for a local youth group– So- That is the method to my madness- My backyard is all cement except for potted shrubs, grapevines and the pool- so I can't do any changes there- I do have pictures if people are interested?
So- Again- Thanx all for their positive responses and support-