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I guess this topic has brought out something in all of us . . . .

Michele, if there are stories to the story that we're reading then maybe you should spit it out BEFORE you get replies similar to mine . . . how are the members supposed to know that there are undercurrents to what we're reading and things aren't all 'above board' as you say?

It's also a bit harsh on Mark to comment the way you have. I don't know him personally, so am speaking objectively. There's no need for nastiness . . . . if he has done you a wrong, then speak to him privately about it.

I do remember a post a while back with a member commenting how 'strange/uncanny' it was that when members discussed solids they wanted, they magically appeared on Ebay. . . and we were all pointed to them by who???

Then of course there was a mad rush /war to get them and the prices were high . . . .

If people want to get the 'best price' for their solids, then so be it. On Ebay you get to leave comments and have to declare your goods for what they are. I still see NO problem with what Mark has done. You think it underhanded? Well MANY people do it. The buyers aren't forced to buy.

You have done the right thing by telling the new members that prices on Ebay are high at the moment and that if they wait they MAY get a better deal. That's also plenty said to void any sales that might have been made by Mark.