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Well we all seem to be getting our fair share of being offended!

Meanwhile, I do appreciate when members contact me, as they have done in the past, re solids they will be posting on ebay. I am also happy when I receive requests from Collector friends regarding anything which they are looking for. Many of the people on this site our known to us, and as such, I would always want to give them top priority if I have something special to offer. In some instances I know they would fetch a higher price elsewhere, but sometimes my relationship with Collector 'friends' takes precedence.

So Mark, if you have a roulette wheel or the buddha necklace and do not want the hassle of posting on Ebay, or are going to post on ebay, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Even for other solids which you are thinking of selling.

I have some which I have not put on the board (mainly through laziness on my part), but if I catch that someone on the site is looking for one of mine, I will have no hesitation in contacting them! They have a choice to say yes or no!

Please do not stop what you have been doing. You are a comparatively new member and too many people are not posting (for whatever reason), so PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO!

IF WE ALL STOP POSTING THERE WON'T BE ANY SITE and that would be a great loss to us all!

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