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Wow!! Couldn't help but add my two cents worth in on a controversial topic . . .

Have to think that Mark was OK in contacting a member who was after a solid seeing that they DID request one he had for sale. Sometimes people aren't so 'up-to-date' on Ebay and even prefer NOT to buy things on Ebay if there is a seller on this site who is kosha.

I know a few people who won't buy on Ebay due to dodgy sellers, so Michelle, if there is a request for a solid on this site by a new member, I can't see the problem with a seller telling them they have one on Ebay now, so that they KNOW WHO THE SELLER IS!!

Also, just because your method of finding things on line is excellent, other people don't have the same skills, time or energy as you do in finding something and that's why the site is here – for others to help.

As I see it, this site provides an alternative to buying on Ebay . . . . if Mark doesn't happen to sell it, then at least 2cute4u will have a chance at knowing who the seller is and offering to buy it off Ebay . . . . and yes, that person can say yes or no to Mark – he isn't forcing anyone to bid!

There's really no need for explanations of selling Mark, and it seems like you got yourself in hot water for doing so. What we should be saying is that we respect your right to sell for whatever reason and commenting no further. It IS each and every person's own business what they spend their money on, after all!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to add the obligatory 'no hard feelings or offence meant'.