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Just to clarify…I did post under the “Solids Wanted” chat category. I did ask to be contacted.
I did not want to cause any problems and my sincerest apologizes to those who have been upset or offended in any way as a result of my solids wanted post.

I guess that I am too new to this collectibles market to bid on ebay. I am also beginning to feel that I am also at a disadvantage regarding buying solids from secondary sellers. I never realized that there were so many things to consider when purchasing a solid—the color variations (as in the slot machine); the Vegas gold box packaging or the original packaging with an outer box; perfume discoloration and/or shrinkage; and just basically the integrity of sellers to disclose such pertinent information.

I am sitting here holding my breath as I purchased a silver cowboy hat described to me by the seller as mint in original packaging (outer box, etc.). It is coming from Singapore. I am now concerned about my purchase and the customs tax as well. I have received emails from the seller(s) and feel that they are legit. However, as I learned with Steiff…what is MIB to one person, is not the same to another.

Again…apologizes for having caused a stir on the boards.