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Wow I cant believe the response. To answer the questions: Yes this is the sale you can buy perfume and cosmetics at although I dont think they are such great bargins and its not everything you can get. The compacts are anywhere from $5 (for some powders) to $25 for the good solids.

But what they do is have a very small table on the end of the isle and one person who stands there refilling it as they go. It all depends on what they put out. I have seen some good ones at times. I have been to the sale maybe 3 times. Most of the time there are alot of the same ones which is why you see so many of the same ones pop up on ebay at the same time.

People arrive early (like 8 am) and I guess they get the best pick. The reason you can only get 6 is because they know that people sell them on ebay. But you cant say that becuase they wont let you purchase anything then. I have had a discussion with the eoman at the table and she told me about selling on ebay. They even have the collector book there so they know what are good ones. Who knows they might be buying them too since they get a discount on the already low prices.

Talking with a worker is how I found out that they scoop out the perfume and throw the boxes away just before they put them out for sale. I know its crazy!

Anyway. Form what I understand there is a sale once a month and closer to the holidays every two weeks. There is a cosmetic company store attached and there they have MIB ones for regular price.

It really isnt that impressive if you ask me. I have never bought anything except comacts when Ive gone. But I do see others buying tons of the perfume, gift sets and train cases.

I am positive they have these sales everywhere there is a wharehouse for EL. Its just a matter of finding someone who works for EL to tell you. The tickets are supposed to be free invitations but people make profits by selling them. All it really is is a printed piece of paper.

Now what I really wish is that my neice still worked at the manufacturing plant in Rhode Island. The never had sales but the employees alway had numerous compacts right off the conveyor belt. I believe they moved the factor from Warren to Providence but do not know anyone there.

I first discovered these beautiful compacts when visiting my sister in RI. She had them all over little shelves in her house and they were just adorable. Too bad she didnt even know what she had. She thought there were just cute little nik-naks.

Anyway thats the story …….. for now.