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QUOTE(butterflies1219 @ Mar 22 2010, 11:20 PM)
I have purchased most of mine thru ebay only because I was first starting out. I started purchasing solids by which I could afford, the best deals I could find and to begin collecting. I have come to learn the value of collecting Estee's with boxes, full of perfume and I am constantly still scanning to see if there are any individual collections or estate sales. I prefer to buy from an individual, but like I said, just starting ebay is a really vast jumping off point for any collector.

I also liked that really great individual sellers would give me links to so many solid collectors sites. That is actually how I ended up here, so for that I am thankful for ebay.

I know I may hit a nerve here, but I actually wish I could go to an Estee warehouse sale and would love a ticket. Being disabled on social security, I have a very limited collecting budget. There are a lot of solids I would love to have, but cannot afford. If I could purchase some of the more expensive compacts for less I would, but it is only so I could collect them. I did not know that they smoosh the boxes. That makes me very sad. I would never want to devalue anyone's collection. I do think that the mint in double box, perfume filled compacts will always be the most valuable. I am hoping no one throws tomatos at me now or boots me off.


I'm like you and would like to go to one of the warehouse sales to see what they are like. Since there are no really high end stores like Saks or Neiman's in my area the only compacts I find at estate sales or antique stores are the ones that can be purchased at stores like Macy”s or Dillards. That has its own allure though because when I find one it is usually an old one that has been used. I like to think that someone bought it and enjoyed the perfume. I have also been able to find compacts by other companies of perfumes that are no longer made and have learned about other cosmetic companies from by-gone days. (Maybe the knowledge will be of use for Trivial Pursuit. )