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I find that really weird Sandra. Perhaps it is when you actually do the printing through the paypal section i.e. for the postage and label. I always enter my postage separately and write the address myself. It is too much hassle to connect the printer (I have a laptop and the printer does not work well and is in another room).

Check this out and see if you can then put in your own local postage and also the International postage.

I have also received messages advising that free postage should be included to get ones ratings up. A friend checked for me and said that was rubbish on the part of Ebay as there was nothing wrong with my ratings. Meanwhile I noticed a load of listings offering free postage. I then realised it was a ploy on the part of Ebay trying to increase their sales!!!!! And so it goes on and on and on! I try only to list on free listing days now. So I expect many collector/sellers are doing the same thing. Too greedy Ebay….. and they shoot themselves in the foot!