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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to see if any of you other collectors know about the warehouse sale that Estee Lauder holds a couple times a year.

Before I started this topic I wanted to be sure of the information and I did get confirmation from 2 people before I posted.

From what I found out Estee Lauder has a warehouse sale four times a year, twice in New York and twice in Canada. This past June being the most recent. According to the information I have, attendees must have a ticket to get in and tickets are only given to employees and their guests, not the general public.

At this sale empty solid perfume compacts were sold in large quantities and from what I have heard they are deeply discounted. I also understand that there was no limit on the amount of solids that one could purchase and that prototypes were also sold. One seller on eBay I contacted via email claims to have a box containing over 600 solids to sell.

It appears that people who purchased the solids at these sales are making a small fortune on us collectors who weren’t aware of such a warehouse sale.

I emailed a VP of Estee Lauder to ask him about these sales but have had no reply so far.

What do you think about the apparent bulk sales of solids at these warehouse sales? I’m interested to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject.