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I agree with you, Pamela! I guess I’m a big dummy though! I have been looking for the Beautiful To Boot (red, white and blue version) for a long time……..and bought one with the perfume and label (no box) a couple of weeks ago on ebay and paid over $350 for it. Then I saw another one on Ebay that Boubala was offering for $250 on a “Buy it now” and thought it was a bargain! I didn’t really think about it not having perfume or label, I just jumped on it and bid! It really makes me sick now that I have read what Lisa had to say about sellers getting them so cheap and in such large quantities. I guess I didn’t get such a great deal the second time around after all! That will be the last solid of that kind (no perfume or label) that I will purchase. I do not want to support something that will eventually cause the newer solids to lose their value!! I also wanted to say that Boubala is a woman. She is very prompt and very kind to deal with through Ebay. I, too, apologize if I offended anyone, but I just had to express my opinion also!