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Hi everyone:
In response to Lisa’s letter regarding these warehouse sales: How sad that this has to go on just for the money. What happened to the company making just a limited amount of these different solids and telling the customer that once they are gone that is it? And now they are selling empty solids and the prototypes as well?? That just effects the collectability of all of our solids out there – pretty soon the solids we have are not going to be that valuable. That is if people keep buying empty solids and prototypes!!!! Why would someone out there want an empty solid for anyway???? I want one that is full, unused, boxed and in perfect condition for my collection. The exception to this would be an older one but in excellent condition-it is exciting to try and find older ones in such great shape and even with the original box!!! I thought that was what collecting was all about..come on girls…don’t bring down the value of all of our solids that we have collected for so many years by buying the empty ones just so you can say you have one. To me it is not a solid if it does not have the solid in it!!!! These people who have the so called inside scoop on what the company is doing with these empties and prototypes are just making the company richer and you are not even getting the complete product in return!!
Recently I have been planning on selling my entire collection – and I have received emails from many of you with interest in purchasing. After hearing what has been going on lately, I am going to hold off a bit and think it over a little more. I have always loved collecting estee lauder solids and powders as I spent some time working for the company. I feel really sad that some of the actions of a few people end up spoiling the fun for the rest of us. I realize that there are quite a few of you who have worked for lauder as well and I am sure you enjoyed the experience as much as I did. We all know that lauder did not expect these compacts to end up being such a big hit with collectors as it has – but let’s not forget that collecting is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable pastime and I am sure that lauder is making enough money off of all of us that we don’t need to buy empty solid compacts or empty powder compacts to achieve the thrill of collecting!
I certainly hope that I have not offended anyone by stating my opinion; if so then I apologize. I would just love to see our collections that we all have increase in value over time and I don’t believe they will if what is going on continues…..
Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.
I welcome any responses from you.

Regards, Pamela