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Hi everyone:

Whatever!!!!! My son is a pen collector ( Mt. Blanc Collector Series) and gave me his opinion: Let them buy empty solids with no box, etc…. if they want…It should just increase the value of the ones that are full w/original boxes,etc….Maybe he has a point???? Whoever wants to collect empties or prototypes, God Bless Them……All I know is my collection will not include empty perfume solids. That is not a solid collection to me. It is a container collection!!!! You know the people who collect perfume bottles? Do they collect them empty or full? Are they worth more empty or full? I don’t know for sure but maybe something to ponder. I feel better knowing that my collection is full, unused, with original boxes when possible. Of course, you have the older ones that may not have their original parts and that is fine. There’s something about a beautiful perfume solid that has been taken care of and handled with love!!!
Sorry, for rambling!!!!

Have a great night!
Regards, Pamela