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Hi Liliane, I too have had that experience in France and Spain when I tried to describe solids perfumes to sales staff. The way they look at you as if you are crazy! Come to think on it, I was in Edinburgh last week (Scotland) and went into the new Harvey Nic’s and when I spoke to the assistant on the Estee Lauder counter she was hopeless. She asked which one I was looking for and I said “The Zebra” she just replied, “I don’t think that’s Estee Lauder” I then had to explain to her about the exclusive’s and to describe a few. I went home empty handed as all the stores told me that they had sent them back to the warehouse. What is the point of that. If you didn’t get the one you wanted for Christmas this would be the chance to make up your collection. They could at least have kept them in the stores until Easter. They cannot sell them if they don’t have them. Seems crazy.

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