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Hi all,

As far as I remember it is a $50 limit for items shipped from Germany to the US. And it is Ä 45 for items shipped to Germany from anywhere, and probably for other European countries except Switzerland, and maybe the UK (our friends from the Island perhaps know more).

I don't know how Harrods is able to send items of $400 without the addressee not being taxed.
Greyhound, do you still remember what was written on the customs label ?

If exceeding Ä 45 we have to pay up to 17% custom and another 16% VAT, sad but true.

That's the reason why most people ask for a lower value. In my opinion it makes no sense to have an item send by insured mail because most sellers know how to wrap & pack a solid perfume carefully. It's more a matter of “receiving the item”, therefore, I always ask to send the package by registered mail.