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I go along with Sandra. I have bought an empty or two in the past, but (I might add) there was something about them that was just not quite right! Having been collecting for some time now, I think I can recognise an empty which has been re-produced i.e. someone has put it together later adding the crystals etc. etc. We all know how this has been going on!. I bought the birdcage like this and was not happy with my purchase. Like all oldies, there are a few wrinkles which cannot be copied. There is not that worn feeling, that valued feeling and even though I have old solids MIB which have never been used and sparkle as new, they are obviously genuinely the real thing. Also they have the labels and REAL PERFUME! Even the old ones without labels and/or perfume have a different feel and look!

Another reason I do not want to buy the empty new ones is due to the fact that I feel I am being conned! I don't like feeling that way..

Either it is a genuine old release or you can keep it! Sorry, but it is as simple as that!