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Hi Annette,

Great to hear from you again!

I totally understand how you feel… it's a personal choice… for me… I don't at all mind buying the empty compacts… especially if I don't have them at all in my

collection…. if I come across one MIB then I switch it out for the empty one… my ultimate goal is to have all my compacts MIB… but until then I love buying the empties… what a bargain they are!!

I just got the Jay Strongwater Fragrant Treasures (the box with the rose on top) and the pampered Pekinese.. I believe they both retailed for $250 each… I got them both for under $50… like I said can't beat it!!!!

I also want to add that I don't at all think the empty compacts are counterfeits-

We are all different… so whatever floats your boat!

Happy hunting