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Daisy – Yes perfume ribbons. They look beautiful when displayed with perfumes, solids or in an album with the perfume cards. I prefer the Estee Lauder ribbons, but have others that I am beginning to place in perfume album.

Michele – you were right and I loved your remarks!

As for emptying the bottles, well I have to give my share of the Bailey's up darn it! I can't drink with my medicine. But ya'll don't tell my dr, I still have to take a sip of a margarita if someone orders it…or if I want it bad enough I order it then give it to someone at the table!! Any takers??

Brigette. I want to cry when I look at your collection. It is so remarkable! I especially love the grouped up little pigs in the farm with the butterflies flitting above. The way you arranged the strawberry shortcakes into a cake was very striking. The circus is absolutely breathtaking! I really enjoyed your very own Estee counter also!! If I ever can, I would love to visit Switzerland just to see your collection. You are blessed to have collected so many solids! Will you adopt me and leave your collection to me?

Well I'm off to sleep to dream of my solid collection one day being as wonderful as Brigette's! Sweet dreams all!!