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Is this the box that you really can't display anything in because it doesn't have a clear top? Large and rectangular? I have one that was supposedly produced for a special store anniversary (Saks or Neimans, I'm too lazy to look) and then I found out Harrods sold them too. I believe I paid $125 – U.S. dollars.

QUOTE(sophiegold @ Oct 3 2009, 04:35 PM)
Two or three years ago I ordered several solids from Harrods and the sales woman asked me if I would like the Estee Lauder display case.
I said okay and she shipped me a huge, navy blue, high gloss display box.
I don't know how much I paid for it because I never did the conversion from
pounds to dollars.  Does anyone know what this is and is anyone interested in buy-
ing it from me?