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To Greyhound (sorry don't know your real name):

I appreciate your information. I realize that the Paypal system can hurt both buyers and sellers. Sorry to hear that Paypal just took over $20 from you due to a mistake. I tried to resolve everything via the phone and I know that my phone charges will be up there. I probably spent $20 on phone calls to Paypal over the whole mess and don't want to use them ever again.

As a result of my recent buying experience, I have learned to ask specifically about the condition of the perfume solid if the seller doesn't mention it. I also ask for additional pics of the perfume solid.

I have found a very reputable and nice seller in FLA. She takes personal checks and does layaway. I feel that her prices are reasonable because she truly has top-notch perfume solids. She is my choice for purchases and I am glad that I chanced upon her. I do not buy on ebay anymore because the auction prices can get crazy and because many sellers take Paypal and I refuse to use Paypal again.