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You are lucky you didn't loose over $20 like I did. I accidently sent a cc payment to someone who doesn't accept cc's + the other half of the payment came from my paypal balance. The seller rejected my payment. I couldn't cancel it on my own and paypal ignored my email. Paypal mysteriously deducted over $20 from my original balance!

Plus, a person had buyers remorse on a mega huge lot I sold (described as used + unused & photos showed everything). They filed a quality of issue complaint with paypal because all the items weren't new. So far, so good = no chargebacks. If paypal allows this scammer to win, I will NOT accept paypal under any cirumstances in the future. Too easy for scammers to receive items, complain, then get $ back + keep items.

Back to discoloration. It's nice that the seller offered to deduct $20. I believe the seller just made an honest mistake and wasn't trying to deceive. If I was the seller, I'd offer a full refund once the solid is returned. Personally, I wouldn't do paypal partial refunds/payments.