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Did you ever notice how all our solids tie together? I found some good reading on our new solid- the Pampered Pekinese:

The Pekingese may be a miniature edition of the ancient 'Foo Dogs' of
China that were used to ward off evil spirits with their lion-like appearances.
Earliest references to the breed date back to the 8th century. Ownership of the
Pekingese was restricted to members of the Chinese Imperial Court and the
pampered little lion dogs were not seen outside of China until 1860. In that year,
British troops stormed the Summer Palace at Peking. Most of the palace dogs
had been killed to prevent the British from taking them. But five Pekes
were found guarding the body of an imperial princess who had taken her own life.
These five were taken back to Britain and one was presented to Queen Victoria,
who named her 'Looty.' This quintet, plus a few imported later, formed the basis
of the modern Pekingese breed.