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Ann and Ken
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I have a bunch of piggies and some have turned and some have not. The ones put away also turned so I don't think it is from sunlight. Have one that has been “out in public” since it first came out and it is fine and full of perfume. Have some that never had perfume in them and they have turned.

Some only one part has turned( back or front), kind of like the slot machine. They don't look so good, better if the whole pig turns. I just wonder if maybe a batch of not so good enamel was made and some piggies were put together with a different batch on front and a better batch on the back since they are made in two pieces.

I think I remember when they came out you had to look at them in the store to make sure you got a”good ” one.

The only ones that have not turned is the international standing pig and that may be due to the enamel is different on it.