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Is it the Nordstom in the Town Center where you had such bad treatment? I stopped there about two months ago and asked to be put on the list for the Cupid. Last Thursday she called me and said my solid was in and she would hold it as I told her I would be there Sat. She was going to hold the flower for me to see just in case I wanted that one also. Sure enough, Saturday when I got there the bag was ready for me with both the solids. I only bought the cupid. How could they do that when you were first on the list? I feel as if I were offered what should have been yours. I feel very sorry for your disappointment and understand your anger.

I must say the place was a zoo. No one was even pleasant about selling a $200. solid perfume. Like you, I shall not go there again. There are certainly better sources where we can buy the Nordstrom exclusives and we could even be appreciated as good customers.