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I put in my order with Nordstroms of Boca Raton way back in February. The sales associate thought I was crazy and told me I was her first order and that she had never had such an early order before, I even stopped in the store and talked with her in person letting her know that 100% I wanted one of each solid, she assured me that I would be the first one called.
Well, today I called her and she informed me that she sold all of them [Mad] even told me she had a customer call and that this customer wanted two of each so the sales associate gladly sold them to her.

I am so very disappointed at this customer service I received today from Nordstroms, not only did I order the solids in February I stopped in to see this woman and again let her know how much I wanted the solids I even offered to leave my credit card # with her but I was told it was unnecessary and that I would have the solids when they came in. I certainly will never shop there for solids or cosmetics again. [Mad]

Micky did come through for me and she will be sending me two solids, she does still have them so if you don’t want to go through the hassle that I did just get them from Micky (she is off today) but her email is:
she will put them aside for you. [Smile]

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