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Have been looking through all the posts and pictures this morning. They are really beautiful.

As a child I used to wake up on Christmas morning to find a stocking at the foot of my bed filled with lots of presents to unwrap. I loved it!

Now, living in an apartment in central London, it is wonderful on Xmas day not to hear the noise of traffic and to be able to wander around the streets with the feeling that no-one is there. If it snows, that will be icing on the cake!

In London you do not see the beautiful house decorations that you see in Florida prior to Xmas. But saying that, the windows of the large stores in Knightsbridge, Oxford and Regent Street are a story in themselves.

I do not put up many decorations. I find the Christmas Cards we receive plus the flame red Ponsetta, which is a must have tradition. take up alot of space. It does look very warm and Christmasy.