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HI all,
Don and Margaret your home looks so beautiful and inviting. Thanks for posting the picture for us to see. Seeing all that snow really makes me want to have a white Christmas.

Madeleine it's great to hear how others celebrate the festive season. That's what so great about this site there are so many people on here from all over the globe who all have their own different traditions and customs and I find it very interesting to read how others celebrate.

My husband lived in Switerland for a few years when he was a young boy . He remembers going to school there and everything being taught in German. Which was very difficult when all he had known was English. But I guess his most clearest memory was having to write with a slate which normally wouldn't be so hard except he is left-handed and wiped everything off as he wrote!! He would like to go back there and visit one day . Maybe we could have a white Christmas there.(no harm in dreaming a little)

Hi Denise, sounds like you like all those sparklies too.I love all the bright and flashy Christmas lights, but Bob likes more balance and having everything in the right place.

I'll try to post a picture in the near future .

Anyway , how many more sleeps 'til Christmas?