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Makes perfect sense. I have said this before- it's basic supply and demand. If there is a big demand for solids then they will be mass produced. If over the years EL sees a decline in sales in the retail stores then they will produce less (hopefully)

As long as the warehouse sales and CCS continue to sell solids at less than retail I will no longer spend top $$ to get them. I am not saying it is wrong to do that- by all means if someone wants them buy them- nothing wrong with it at all. All I am saying is I am no longer paying retail. As a collector I want to focus on vintage pieces or solids that everyone knows we not mass produced and still very desirable.

Basically this is my only complaint with EL- the solids being sold in the CCS and warehouse sales. If this problem was to be corrected by them everything would pretty much be peachs and cream with them.