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Another one that hurts is a seller from- you guessed it NY is selling the JL lion the first one that I saw went for $175 BIN this seller has another active listing for YET ANOTHER JL LION with a bid starting at $1.30 with no reserve. DOES THIS UPSET ANYONE WHO PAID FULL PRICE FOR THIS SOLID, IT WAS SOLID WITH THE BOX, OUTER WHITE BOX AND CARD

I don't care what anyone tells me- I still feel the solids are coming from warehouse sales in NY and especially Canada. I was told the solids sell for something like $10 sometimes they don't have the box but sometimes they do.

Are you kidding me with this??…item=5582435893…item=5582437154…item=5581991372…item=5581990691…em=6530252791&r…item=5580164611…em=6532831694&r

Maybe tomorrow I will post the letter I wrote to my SA cancelling my order for all 6 2005 NM solids