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Just returned from the trip to Salt Lake City where we attended my grandson's graduation from the University of Utah.

While in Utah we went to Park City where they have a company store. Was surprised they didn't have nearly as much merchandise as the Williamsburg or Las Vegas outlets.

I did get the Erte Taurus powder compact, the Lady Bug from 2004 and Bejeweled Butterfly — all that I had passed on when they were current. They had all the Erte compacts, the Strongwater crown, the Beyond Paradise Fantasy Flower, the rooster and several others of the general distribution.

I had to laugh about Martha, Ann and Ken remarking about the nice weather they had for the photo shoot. While we were in Utah, it had lots of sunshine, wind, rain, fog and even snow in Park City.

It's nice to be back in Idaho where, guess what, we have rain too.