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Hi All:

Went to the local Cosmetic Company Store today and found out some interesting tidbits. First, each store has a HUGE book which lists all of the solids. Second, the New York headquarters tells each store what they can and cannot order, and how many of each they can have; e.g., 3 Carousels, 2 Prince Charming’s, etc. Each CC store is allowed totally different solids from the other stores within 50-250 miles. This is all calculated by New York…not the CC stores.

It’s possible the girls who work there are just as frustrated as we are, as I saw a compact I paid $125 for last month, and it’s down to $79.00. I almost cried. [Frown]

Just wanted to add a little from the other perspective. I truly don’t believe they’re “nasty” people…just frustrated. Well, ok, maybe one or two might be a teensy bit witchy, but hey…we all have bad days. [Wink]

Must run…you all take care. I just love this site! Thanks, Lisa. [Smile]

Micki from Philly