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I am really surprised that all of you in the States have the same problems that we encounter here in the U.K.

I don’t think it is necessarily anything to do with E.L. as I think once the goods are despatched to these outlets, that is it! Perhaps I am wrong but will endeavour to check it out!

The one thing that I find distasteful is the fact that they keep a check on their customers i.e. who buys, how many, etc. etc. And if the girls do work on commission there is nothing wrong in that!

If the goods are sent to these places due to the fact that they are not selling, why should anyone care how many a customer buys and also, whether the customer sells on or exchanges or whatever! Once you have purchased an item, it is yours legally to do whatever you wish! If vigorous restrictions are to be imposed and a Big Brother attitude adopted, would it not be better for E.L to dispose of them completely and not send on for re-sale. Even for E.L to retain these and have a yearly mini-auction? I really haven’t thought this through at length. BUT to be treated as children is making a laughing stock of us all. They want the collectors to come and buy yet they don’t want to sell! Also for the Collectors to be told they can’t have this or that I think is demeaning.

Personally I have stopped buying from them and feel if we all did the same, they would then have a turnabout of face. No customers, no money, etc. etc. No-one is going to tell me what I can or can’t do with an item once purchased!

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