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Hi Ann,

The Allen store did not order the “Flacon”. They said it was a misprint, as suspected!. It was an etched bottle with Beautiful fragrance.

They did let me look at their print out last month and took my list of suggestions. There were Strongwaters on their printout, but they didn’t get any. [Cry] I think that I mentioned that they, being a newer store are “low man” when the order goes in. Somebody else must have gotten those. They are getting ready to submit another order by the 31st. I will call at the end of this week and they said they would tell me what was on the “availability list”.

The manager has been extremely nice and was eager get any suggestions and expertise that our collector’s might offer, since she knows nothing about these compacts….powder or solid.

We will see what they get in on June 15th. Hope they are still willing to give me telephone information….I will keep trying. [Smile]

Best to all….