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In my past few times I’ve gone to the Cosmetic Stores, they are cracking down on selling a lot of solids to one person, reason is that if they think you are selling on ebay they can refuse you.
Thats what they told me and they have names of people selling on ebay.
This doesn’t make sense…but if they sold all the solids to people that sell on ebay they feel the rest would not get a chance to buy at discount prices. Thats what I was told at many of the stores. [Eek!] [Eek!]
I don’t understand why they can’t tell you over the phone the prices, which we can all guess the price minus 20% off. I just want to know whats in stock before I make a trip out to one.

Good Luck [Smile] [Eek!] [Razz] [Razz]