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I went to the Cosmetic Company Store in Camarillo the other day and was again told something by the store manager I’ve never heard of! I was there 6 months ago and bought 3 different solids. I tried to buy just one solid and was turned away! The last time I went, they were keeping track of everyone in a book and making you show them your driver’s license to sell you a solid…even if you were paying cash! They did not tell me the purpose of the list other than to track who is buying what. When I went in the other day, they looked me up in the book and told me that each customer is now limited to purchasing 3 solids in their LIFETIME and I’ve met that quota the last time I came in, so they can never sell me another solid again! [Eek!] How do you like that one?? I know there are other cosmetic company stores and it seems like each store has their own rules!!! [Mad]

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