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QUOTE(2cute4u2 @ May 23 2005, 04:41 PM)'s are my 5 cents worth. To answer Lisa….nope..not a chance will the boot now sell for even close to retail…even with both boxes.

I too have stopped buying the new solids. I returned a few of the newer ones that have dropped in value due to what has been happening. I bought those at Nordstrom's and so returns were relatively easy. I still have one that I bought at SAKs…don't think that one is returnable…has anyone tried to return a MIB from a year or 2 ago?  However, I will call SAKs and express my anger that this has happened.

I am pretty much done with my solids search. The only one I really want is the 1st Harrod's bear. I will continue to buy the LV solids…if I like them and if they contunue the “gambling/casino” theme…otherwise, I'll pass.
If the Harrod's bears are cute, I'll probably buy…if not, then I wont. I dont have the hatless bear or the one in the red suit…cuz they don't appeal to me.

Good advice…to buy what one likes when it comes to collectibles. However, I have seen many collectibles plummet…Barbie, beanies, Madame Alexander, Boyds, Lennox, Steiff, etc.  Manufacturers flood the market, prices vary way too much and these collectibles are not worth a darn when it's all said and done and we, the collectors are stuck with what I call “dust collectors of a money pit.”

I say we all boycott EL solids, powder compacts and ALL of their products..including those sold under different names.  And if EL threatens (as they have in the past) to quit making the solid perfumes…well…frankly EL, I don't give HOOT! <img src='style_emoticons//mad.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’mad.gif’ />