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QUOTE I went to Nordstrom's to return the petals of love compact….told the SA there about the price at the outlet center and she didn't seem to care. I really think that they make their commission on the cosmetics NOT on the collectible compacts or solids.

When I worked at Lauder I did not get commission, we worked on levels. That is we had to sell a certain amount every month to maintain our pay rate, if we sold more we got more $$ and vice versa.

The SA's who get commission, as far as I know get paid on any EL SKU they sell so it would include solids and compacts.

I think EL should take up the Louis Vuitton approach to overstocks- they would rather destroy the merchandise than sell at a discount. Ever see your LV store having a sale or 20% off? That is why people are on waiting lists for months and vintage and new Louis always retain their value.