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Alright Helen what mysteries are you referring too? Now you have my curiousity up! Maybe now we should have a forum link what solid would you like to see Estee make next? Hmmmm….But I still want to know what's up with August? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!


The King died on August 8,1977. I was in residency and a senior medical student came running into the doctor's lounge and said the Elvis was being resuscitated at Baptist Hospital. Needless to say everyone was trying to figure out who they knew that was over there and could be called to verify it. Memphis went into mourning for about a week afterwards. Every year there is a week long Elvis celebration and people come from all over the world for it. There is a candle light vigil outside of Graceland the night before his death date.
I would like to see a pair of Blue Suede Shoes. Since the company has done building and planes before, maybe they could do Graceland and the Lisa Marie.
Hope this helps/