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'heh there Jack in the Box. Got some news for you and it aint gonna be anything you will be expectin to hear!'' ''Oh my God, it's you Big Bob''
Jack stammered into the phone. ''I thought our adventures had finished for a while and here you are calling me up and Christmas will be on our doorstep soon!''
Big Bob let out a long guffaw, ''ha ha, ha ha'' he chortled with glee. 'You sure are fast on the uptake Jack in the Box! It must be that box of yours. Gives you time to stop and think…..Yeh, that's what it is. Don't suppose you get much time for bobbing up and down in there so here's your chance right now!'' Jack in the Box drew in a deep breath, ''Well, you'd better tell me what your calling about because I'm getting a little worried that you are thinking of going back to check out the Spooky Forest and that I am NOT going to do!'' ''Hold on'' Big Bob sighed, ''Keep your box on! Of course I aint asking you or anyone to go back to the Spooky Forest which in any event should not be there anymore. What I AM asking you to do is to get here fast, and I mean fast, cos Lola and me and you and Freddy are going to the North Pole to see Santa Claus!'' 'Whaaaat!'' Jack stammered, ''Are you going nuts, are you going crazy, and who on earth would think of an idea like that?'' ''Well'' Big Bob said ''you just told me that Christmas will be on our doorstep soon and I thought you somehow knew why I was calling. Seems I credited you with too much of that psychic stuff. But, Bingo, you certainly hit it on the head.'' Jack laughed into the phone, ''Well I'll be a Jack in the Box. But what on earth are we going to meet Santa Claus for. Surely he's got enough to do without all of us turning up. Heh, have you thought how cold it's going to be? Have you thought about all that snow? Have you thought…………'' ''Yeh, Yeh, I thought about it and Lola is ecstatic about it and our mission now is to help Santa Claus (or Father Christmas as Lola keeps calling him) to design some new solids and that will be somethin else. He's also invited all those solids that we set free from the Spooky Forest, but I aint callin everyone so you'll have to round em up so we can get going.''

Jack in the Box bobbed his head in deep thought! This was another challenge and it seemed to lack the danger of the previous adventure. Yes it was time to get moving and get out of his boxed in situation for a while.

Meanwhile Mouse thought of Marg, and twitched his whiskers. He had been eavesdropping on the conversation and felt he should be included too……. and so it all began………………………………