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Freddy taxied up to the end of the runway in the field to the left of Bobs house.
There were solids by the droves waiting to board the precious plane's flight to the North Pole.

Bob and Lola tried to get everyone situated in their seats as best they could. It was mighty loud in the plane. Everyone was so excited.

Freddy's voice came over the loud speaker “Okay everyone we will be taking off shortly. We have to make one stop at Harrods in London to pick up a few more solid friends. Then we are off to the North Pole!”

YAY!!! The group shouted.

Lola said, “Pheww Bob, I love parties but this one is gonna be big. It's gonna be the party of the century.”

The plane took off, behind it flying all the butterfly, dragonfly, bird, and any other solid that had wings.

Next stop Harrods ………..