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Two chief Elves unrolled a scroll and took turns in reading it to the large group.

“Tonight, despite his busy-ness at this time of year, Santa invites you all to a feast in the large hall at 5:30pm precisely” said the first Elf. This was met with lots of smiles and nodding and hand slapping from all.

The second elf continued, “Since the Elves will be also preparing the dinner and laying the table and cleaning up, he asks that you all might help him afterward to continue wrapping the presents and loading the sleigh”. Again, this was met with lots of smiles and nodding – that would be fun, they all thought.

The first elf took over, “Further, he asks if he might borrow the magnificent uber-technological Precious Plane that he saw fly in as he figures he can deliver much more quickly with that since he can just program the plane and then sit back in his sleigh and relax”. Everyone's jaw dropped. He wants to take Freddy's plane !

Gees, thought Bob – a man who knows just what he wants ! “Sure”, said Bob without hesitation “no problem – we'll be there, and I'm sure we can work out something with the plane.”

Bob figured that it was such a treat to be at the North Pole with Santa that the least they could do was offer to drop all the presents off on the way home so Santa could just enjoy himself riding on his sleigh without the added pressure of getting himself up and down the chimneys. After all, Santa was getting on!

“Thank you.” The second elf said with an air of expectedness. Then all the elves trotted off to continue their helpfulness around Santa's cottage.

“Ok Team”, said Bob “lets get cleaned up for the feast and festivities and then prepare to hit the road. It'll be a loooooong one tonight, but we'll manage it, I'm sure!”

“Yippee!” “Yay”, “Go Team!” “Hooray!” were heard amongst the solids as they ran about readying themselves for the evening. “We're going to go around the world again!”

Meanwhile, Rudolph and the other reindeers were wondering if they had all been duddled out of a job! “It is what we're famous for” said Comet. “It's our legend,” agreed Donner. “We look forward to all the treats left out for us” grumbled Dancer. “What shall we do?” asked Prancer. “It's not as if we can go on strike!” weighed up Dasher. “Hmm, maybe we could lead the plane!” said Blitzen. “Yeah! That might be the way to still get our treats” said Vixen. “OK – now we'll just have to hope Santa agrees on this” said shy Cupid.