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Rudolph quicly came forward. “I can help, he shouted, I will fly back over the trail and light up the area with my nose. I will find him dont you worry. Im good at finding misfits and lost things.”

With that Rudolph took off on his search. Along the way he saw his friends the abominable snow monster and cornelius (from the cartoon) and asked them to come along in case he needed help.

It wasnt long before Rudolph spotted Mousey clinging to the branch as he flew past. Rudolph called for Abominable since he was very tall and could reach Mousey.

Abominable reached up and took got Mousey in his had and placed him gently on his shoulder. Mousey was sooooo happy to be sitting on the warm and furry shoulder of this gentle monster. He settled way down in the fur and fell fast asleep.

The group returned and everyone celebrated Mouseys safe return.

Meanwhile a few elves arrived with a message from Santa.