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On and on they raced through the forest, faster and faster they went as the Huskies gathered speed enjoying their new found freedom.

Every one clinging on for dear life as the sledges twisted and turned around the forest paths.

Lola laughed, “This is better than any roller coaster ride, ain't it Big Bob”

“Sure is honey” he replied, secretly he felt a bit sick and hoped the ride would not last much longer.

Soon Bob got his wish and the Huskies began to slow down. A long path appeared and on each side of it the trees were hung with thousands of twinkling lights and Joy of Joys, lots of what looked like presents.

The long path led into a clearing and the Huskies stopped. There in front of them was a large log cabin and to the side of it Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen and the famous Rudolph were happly munching on bales of hay.

Everyone climbed out of the sledges, some a little unsteady on their feet after all the excitement of the ride.

“Think I had better do a head count” said Bob, “Just to be one the safe side”

All the solids stood very still whilst Big Bob did the count, a funny look came over his face.

“Someones missing!!” he exclaimed “But who is it?, did somebody fall out as we went round one of the corners.”