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''OOoooooh, this is lovely'' Lola cried as they weaved their way in and out of giant trees arms outstretched laden with glistening white leaves sprinkled with red berries.
''Look over there” Jack in the Box bobbed. All eyes turned towards a giant Igloo surrounded by a guard of Penguins. As they passed by the strains of Winterland filled the air…

''Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In the lane snow is glistening
A beautiful sight
We're happy tonight
Riding in a winter wonderland!''

In the distance they could see what looked like a huge chimney. Curls of smoke
twisted and turned upwards into the blue clear sky. ''Well I'll be darned'' Big Bob said. ''Looks like we'll soon be meeting up with Father Christmas!''.

Yes, in a short while they would all be settling down with Father Christmas
and discussing what he wanted them to do to make this Christmas the most special it had ever been. Lola wiped a tear or two or…. as they rolled down her flushed cheeks. ''Why you cryin'' Big Bob asked, pulling her close.
''Nothing really!'' she smiled. ''Just reminiscing about the good times we shared. Paris, London, Florida and now here….just reminiscing!'' plop, plop, plop! ''Aw Shucks'' Big Bob sighed, ''this aint the time to be sniffling. Here comes Father Christmas!''