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The doors of the plane were opened and everyone stood shivering in the cold wondering what to do. From the ground came shouts of welcome!, welcome!, we have been expecting you.

Bob and Lola were handed thermal suits to keep them warm, Lola was really pleased with hers as it was a very pretty pink and had Swarovski crystals around the cuffs.

Bob laughed at Lola,”You look like a giant stick of candyfloss” he told her.

“Well, its better than looking like a beached whale, that colour of grey does nothing for you at all” replied Lola, throwing a snowball in his direction.

Before a full scale snow fight could break out, the peace of the morning was shattered by the very noisy arrival of a team of sledges, each one pulled by at least eight Husky dogs.

“All aboard,” shouted the drivers, “This is where the adventure begins.”

“All the solids jostled for places under the reindeer-skin rugs that had been provided to keep them warm, the driver was just about to set off when a cry from Jack made everyone jump.

“Look! look!” he shouted, everybody turned round and…………. There rubbing his face and rolling his body in the deep snow was the Sparkling Polar Bear.

“What you all looking at” he asked them, “I live in a warm case most of the time so this could be the only chance I ever get to roll in the snow.”

Shaking snow of his huge body, very slowly he clambered aboard the sledge and with a cry from the drivers the huskies set off.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way they sang.