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There was great frivolity on the plane as Lola insisted on trying all the new shoes on that she had bought. Bob's eyes nearly came out of his head as Lola high kicked her way up the isle with a beautiful silver pair of Jimmy Choo's showing off her long legs.

“Ahhhh do give over Lola” he muttered, taking out a large hanky to mop his brow,”My poor blood pressure won't stand much more”

Suddenly there was a small commotion at the front of the plane.

“Look every one!” exclamed the Tu-Tu twirling around in delight, “Look at the sky!”

The solids ran to look out of the windows, “What is it” they all asked one onother.

Looking out Bob began to laugh, “don't worry” he told them, “It's the northern lights
we are getting near to the North Pole”