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Meanwhile down on the ground floor in the Food Hall all hell was breaking loose.

''Good Lord'' this very English upper crust aristocratic voice let forth, ''Good Lord! I've just seen a rat!'' ''A rat' a couple nearby exclaimed in unison. ''Did you say A Rat, like in dirty rat?'' 'Yes I did' the woman with the upper crust voice replied.
'Like Dirty Rat, James Cagney?'' ''Nooooooooo'' the woman replied indignantly,
''like rat from the gutter! Can't you understand plain English?'' Faces were now turning to the woman and the young couple. ''Where'' asked another round face, eyes looking up to the heavans in disbelief. ''Where?'' echoed another face and another and another. By this time a rather tall looking Security Man had joined the group. ''I think you had better stop causing a commotion as I am asking you now to leave!'' ''Leave'' the woman shrieked hysterically. 'You are asking ME to leave. How dare you young man. Do you know who I am? Call the owner and I will tell him that you have told ME to leave!'' The secuirty guard spoke into the microphone attached to the shoulder of his navy blue sweater. ''The owner is coming down now'' he said, looking at the sea of faces staring back at him. ''He's very busy and annoyed about all of this and it is not usual for him to be coming down to talk to people shopping in the Store!'' ''I'm NOT people, the woman replied, her tone rising by a hundred decibals… ''I am an Imperial Princess and how dare you look at me in that tone of voice!'' ''I beg your pardon Maam'' the security guard flushed, 'I really do apologise but you have been causing a disturbance and look at all the people here wondering what is happening. This is the Harrods Palace after all and we do not expect people to behave in any sort of offensive manner!'' Imperial Princess stared back at him. ''Oh my God'' she cried, ''there it is again. Now it's darting around the back of that huge cheese. Look!'' she pointed with her long blood red fingernail, '' Look, don't you see it!'' Eye after eye turned to where she was pointing. ''I can't see anything'' a young girl laughed. ''Neither can I'' a second voice chimed in. ''I think the woman is demented'' ''I think you are demented'' the woman retorted. ''You should go and find yourselves some new glasses! You should go to Spec Savers! Wait until the Owner arrives. I have never been so insulted in all my life!''