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The solids spread themselves all over the shop looking at all the magnificent goods and Christmas decorations. They sampled the gourmet food and generally ran rampant around the many floors of Harrods.

They found Rodney the doorman and went in and out, and in and out, just to see Rodney open and close the door for them. Rodney was so cool about it though because he was the doorman after all, and it was Christmas time and the solids were so glad to be free . .. but he was beginning to get a tired arm . . . he wished Bob and Lola would hurry up – Christmas would be here in no time, he thought as he opened the door yet again for the solids.

He wondered where his 8 brothers were and if they had fetched all the English solids yet so they could continue to the North Pole.

His wondering thoughts travelled to Bob upstairs in the Ladies shoe department where he was holding court – he was such a charmer, that big ol' Bob!

He was singing and singing, enjoying himself, but the more he did so, the more Lola nodded at the sale lady and rang up at the till. Suddenly Rodney's thoughts hit him and he stopped singing! Everyone looked at him for his voice, like him, was BIG and resonating. But now there was no sound. He stood up and said “I say Lola, we'd better get going – hours have passed like days . . . I mean days have passed like hours . . . and we promised Santa to reach the North Pole ASAP !

Lola nodded. He was right, but she was just about to try on one more pair of heels and didn't want to go immediately, and didn't really want Bob to see how much more luggage they were going to have to take . . .

“All to the rooftop!” Bob bellowed and every solid throughout the store heard it. They each grabbed their nearest buddy and scrambled to the rooftop with the English solids joining them (in an orderly fashion of course – they marched in single file).

“OK, OK” said Bob doing a mighty quick head count. Where all here except for one. “LOL-LAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! ”

“I'm coming, I'm coming!” she panted up the stairwell . . . “I just have a few more packages Bob . . . ” Red faced, she arrived at Freddy's Plane with one hundred more shoe boxes. “I couldn't help it Bob, I just don't know when we'll get back here . . . “

Bob looked at her sweet little face and melted. His firm temperament went soft and Lola knew she could keep her shoes. Freddy got his flying U-Haul ready.

It was Christmas time, after all !